Diagnosed with asthma as an infant, TJ Fischer wanted to break down the common beliefs about asthmatics, going on to race cars professionally. But in 2015, everything was almost taken away from him.


“I was racing in the streets of Pau in France when I had an asthma attack while in the racecar. Stubborn as I was, I pushed through the pain, despite not being able to breathe for more than 30 seconds each lap. I managed to finish the race, but immediately collapsed after the checkered flag.


I was uneducated. I had not been using my maintenance inhaler frequently and was not listening to the signs my body was telling me. Almost having racing taken away from me was the ultimate reality check. Now I am able to control my symptoms by following a strict regimen of medication, exercise and nutrition to make sure it never happens again.”


In the fall of 2016, TJ created Project O2, a nonprofit organization set to inspire, inform and innovate a new path to asthma awareness. Via the organization, in just one short year, TJ has connected with over 5,000 people affected by asthma and the journey has only just begun.