Project O2’s first initiative drive is the #Race2TheRescue campaign. A simple yet effective outreach designed to standardize the distinction between rescue and maintenance inhalers. Project O2 will achieve this by passing out the #Race2TheRescue corresponding stickers to asthmatics nationwide via neon orange RESCUE INHALER stickers and neon green MAINTENANCE INHALER stickers.

AKA "Quick Relief Medication, Short Acting Beta2-Agonists."


  1. Delineated by a neon orange #Race2TheRescue inhaler sticker. Allows for ease of identification and as a result, quick relief over your asthma

  2. The neon orange sticker parallels that of an emergency vehicle. Easily and quickly identified as the emergency or "rescue inhaler"  

  3. Rescue inhalers relax muscles in the airways - providing quick relief of symptoms

  4. Helpful for patient, as well as parents, teachers, friends, or Co-workers to be of assistance in a pinch


AKA "Long-term control medications, Inhaled corticosteroids

  1. Delineated by a neon green inhaler sticker. Simplifies identification on a consistent basis. Providing increased adherence to control medication and as a result, better control over your asthma

  2. Often times maintenance inhalers may be in a red canister (see above). Sticker easily identifies inhaler's function 

  3. Maintenance inhalers reduce inflammation in the airways - providing long-term control over your asthma. NOT TO BE USED IN AN EMERGENCY FOR QUICK RELIEF!



The Problem...

Rescue inhalers and maintenance inhalers are branded no differently from one another, meaning the two separate types of inhalers are unidentifiable to the untrained eye. This confusion directly impacts the lives and safety of millions.  With 10 people dying every day from asthma attacks, this clear identification of emergency inhalers is critical.  Time is critical in an asthma attack, and no time can be lost in the search for the correct inhaler.


The Solution...


Beginning with a base program distributing neon red stickers that fit on all rescue inhalers – delineating rescue inhalers from maintenance inhalers for asthma sufferers and medical professionals. Project O2, with its #Race2TheRescue stickers, have a goal of reaching every medical professional and organization working with asthma sufferers with free stickers for their emergency inhalers in the next 5 years.


We invite asthma foundations, medical organizations and departments, medical companies, and businesses with an engaged philanthropic effort to join the most innovative asthma outreach program currently in the United States. By taking advantage of nationwide racing events with 50,000-100,000 fans at each event, as well as an expansive digital media campaign, Project O2 and #Race2TheRescue have quickly gained traction and relationships with a demographic never before reached.


In addition, Project O2 and #Race2TheRescue will bring asthma awareness into the 21st century with engaging digital media content, exciting appearances, relevant education and a new approach never before seen in the asthma awareness industry.



Schedule TBA - Stay tuned for 2018 events schedule!

For more information, please contact TJ@TJFischer.com