2 puffs

Rescue Inhaler

1 puff daily



7.5 hrs  

Of Sleep

2 tbsp.


1½ cups


3 cups


mouth breather society.

TJ Fischer Prepared for Mid-Ohio Triple-Header with Special Support

Indianapolis, Indiana (July 25, 2017) – As TJ Fischer heads to Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course for the first and only triple-header event on the Pro Mazda Championship calendar, he does so with the additional support from the students of Camp Asthmania. The 23-year old asthmatic visited AnMed Health’s Camp Asthmania in South Carolina on July 11th in an effort to support the wonderful mission of educating kids with asthma as well as inform of his own challenges related to participating in professional sports with asthma. "Camp Asthmania has provided educational opportunities for individuals ages 6-12 for the past 18 years,” noted Christie Heaton, AnMed Health Camp Asthmania Director. “Camp Asthmania has provided a gold standard level of care for our campers over the years and has placed focus on providing the tools needed for asthma control. Finally, after many years, we had our first professional athlete with asthma attend camp, TJ Fischer. TJ is a role model for our youth and brings asthma awareness through his Project O2 organization. TJ is the perfect example of how asthma can be controlled and how your dreams can be achieved. We can't wait to continue this partnership in the future to ensure that our youth understands there should be no limitations due to asthma." “Camp Asthmania is truly a powerful event and I feel privileged to have been invited to speak for all those with asthma and chasing their dreams,” said the Californian racer. “The support staff from AnMed Health were the difference in making the camp fun and engaging. Not only do they provide much needed education that empowers these kids to manage their asthma, but it also provides a massive sense of community; connecting the families with their child’s disease and showing the proper care it deserves. After my experience, Camp Asthmania has set the benchmark for education and care in their community. I learned a great deal talking with the pulmonologists and respiratory therapists and got insight into the inherent daily struggles these doctors face. A big thank you for the opportunity.” Fischer, who currently sits 3rd in the Pro Mazda Championship standings, has taken Project O2 nationwide via #Race2TheRescue, a social media and in-person campaign set to delineate between rescue and maintenance inhalers by placing neon red stickers on rescue inhalers. The campaign will continue its momentum in an expanded relationship with Propeller Health this weekend at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course, 60 miles north of Columbus. For more information, follow @TravisJFischer on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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