2 puffs

Rescue Inhaler

1 puff daily



7.5 hrs  

Of Sleep

2 tbsp.


1½ cups


3 cups


mouth breather society.

The Beginning

The O2 campaign, created by TJ Fischer, vows to Inform, Inspire and Innovate a new path to asthma awareness never seen before. Using TJ’s real life experiences of dealing with asthma in various sports and activities, it is his goal to not let that deter anyone from pursuing their dreams, no matter what they might be.

Project O2 will Inform of the possibilities and challenges with asthma and illuminate TJ’s path to become a professional racecar driver despite being diagnosed with asthma at an early age.

Project O2 will Inspire by showing that anything really is possible if you set your mind to it, seek the correct treatment and find the correct medication combined with exercise and diet program to suit each individual.

Project O2 will Innovate a new way to reach a demographic never before tapped into. Not only will the 500,000 fans at IndyCar races over the course of a season be exposed to this campaign, but through a targeted digital media campaign, every person in the U.S. will have the possibility of connecting with, engaging and becoming a fan of TJ Fischer and driving the mission of Project O2 forward.

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