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A New Path to Asthma Awareness

The Project O2 campaign, created by TJ Fischer, vows to Inform, Inspire and Innovate a new path to asthma awareness and education. Using TJ’s real life experiences of dealing with asthma in various sports and activities, it is his goal to not let that deter anyone from pursuing their dreams, no matter what they might be.

What We Do




Diagnosed with asthma as an infant, racecar driver TJ Fischer has never let the diagnosis hold him back from doing the things that he loves.


While playing High School Football at a national level for the Bulldogs at Vacaville High School, TJ was always fearful of displaying his asthma to his team or the opposition with the thought it would make him look weaker. So instead of using his inhaler during time off the field, he would power through the pain and suffering.


In May 2015, TJ was racing in France in the heat of the summer and had a severe asthma attack during the race. While most athletes would have pulled over immediately, TJ was determined to finish the race, and did so amazingly without losing any positions. After the checkered flag fell, TJ pulled the car over and immediately fell to the ground and had to be transported to the hospital.


Now having found the correct medication, diet and exercise regime, TJ has been able to go over a year without a full-blown attack. This has motivated TJ to want to share his story with others in the same situation.

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